In General:

We would prefer to see a series of short pieces such as photographs or poems, or a short story, or an excerpt from a play or novel.  A connection to a particular place or region should be evident in your work, which in some manner reveals the region's underlying character or history.

If you wish to submit an essay on some aspect of regionalism, query us first and provide a brief abstract of your essay.

When submitting work,  please provide a brief biographical sketch in the body of your email.  Never mind about your credentials, degrees, prizes or previous journal publications.  We don't care about any of that.  If you are connected to an MFA program in writing or the visual arts, we will do our best not to count it against you.  Attachments to a region don't happen in the classroom.  If, on the other hand, you have traveled through a region by boxcar or horseback or on foot--- if you have worked in its fields or orchards at harvest-time--- if you have driven a taxi in its cities; worked in its sewers, or mines, or its factories . . .   anything like that we'd definitely like to hear about.  And, if you like, we can mention your last book or two.

What we chiefly want to know is the nature of your connection to the place you are portraying in your work.  Were you born there, raised there, or do you live there at present?-- Or did you spend time there at some point in your past?  We don't want you to describe your emotional attachment to the region; we just want the basic facts: anything that will provide a meaningful context for your work.

The Specifics:

Send all submissions to The Editors at

Simultaneous submissions accepted, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

Previously published work is also acceptable.  Please provide the proper attribution.

Written submissions should be sent by email attachments as, or rtf files.  Please NO PDFs, and please NO ZIP files.

Images should be JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs.  Send only two or three images initially.  If we accept your work, and you wish to send more images, let us know at that time.  But for your initial submission, please no more than 3 images.

Address any questions to The Editors at

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